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How I Work

Victoria Piling Counselling & Creative Learning

I offer one to one counselling, Adults, Teenagers, Children, couples counselling, relationship counselling with spouse, parent, child and also specialised in working with client’s living with dyslexia.

Companies or Organisations

Workplace stress can lead to an employee having time off work therefore limiting the productivity of work growth and business success. Counselling can help reduce anxieties, stress and depression that in turn could improve mental health and increase their motivation towards job satisfaction, and commitment.

Dyslexia and Communication Awareness

I have extensive experience of working with Dyslexia. The emphasis is usually around the education aspect. I offer a one to one counselling service and group workshops.

On a one to one counselling I would offer support to clients, allowing a better understanding of living with ‘their ‘dyslexia. How to manage and improve confidence and enable a better way of being, allowing a more proactive interaction with self and others.

Group workshops will offer a therapeutic approach aimed at teachers, support workers, parents with dyslexic children, foster carers, and other professionals that are in a supportive role in their job working with people that may have Dyslexia. I offer knowledge in areas around barriers, communication, understanding and awareness of dyslexia.

This service encompasses an empathic knowledge and understanding to aid a better two-way communication and an understanding of the positive gifts of dyslexia. By using an adaptable approach and gaining strategies that allow an outcome of a two way inclusive communication.

The way I work: Brief and long term counselling. Below are the integrated therapeutic approaches I offer with what the client may come with.

Person Centred - I like to call this term client focussed

I would listen to’ you’ and what is important for ‘you’ to talk and share, Using my core conditions empathy (almost looking through your eyes), congruence (honesty) and unconditional positive regards (non-judgmental). To enable you to feel heard and listened to, at a depth with exploring your journey, gaining awareness to enable you to take which path you need too with a self-discovery of what is right for you.

Brief Therapy - Motivational Interviewing

I am here to listen to you, even if your lacking in motivation by offering a space to understand the ambivalence around your problem that may limit your motivation. I will aspire to create an awareness and empower individual’s motivation, communicating together to enable you to have a solution.


This is working with your unconscious mind that plays out whilst sleeping. Exploring your dreams together, those are messages about you and your life situations. So when conscious (awake) can seem confusing. Let me help you to gain an understanding


This approach allows you to gain an insight to your values and core beliefs with an understanding that, impacts on your negative thinking causing a distorted perception, hence a vicious cycle. Using different strategies can provide an approach for you to use in difficult times to help you get through and moving forward with a positive perception.


Working with this approach can enable you to deal with and cope with different parts within you for example the inner frightened child of you may need to feel more support from your inner confident part within you. You create your own visual with the support along the way. This is not hypnosis.

Creative play

This is a process allowing you to use different art/craft/toys/button/ornaments and other materials. Subconsciously your emotions, thoughts and behaviours can become clearer through engaging and exploring what may be causing you, upset, anger, frustration, sadness etc.

Solution Focus

Using this approach deals with your concerns in the present time and aiming to gain a solution.

NLP - Neurology Linguistic Programming

NLP explores your relationships between how you think (Neuro), to the way you communicate (linguistic), followed by your pattern of behaviours and emotions (Programming). This is a powerful change management tool that can help change the way you think and act improving your personal or professional life. The impact is more successful by dealing with situations in a more positive and motivational way.

EMDR - (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing)

This therapy is for working with PTSD clients, it has also been shown to be effective with clients having difficulty with emotional issues such as having a fear of visiting the dentist to feeling not good enough, having self-doubt in a group situation. How it works is replacing negative feelings that are carried in the body that can affect the different senses. This can create a different perception or bodily feeling to allow a person to have more of a positive outcome on things that may have bothered someone for a long time or even a sort brief time.

I will help you to explore any issues, while displaying a non-judgemental attitude and maintaining confidentiality. I will be there to support you through any difficulties you are experiencing and help you to explore, make changes, or to accept the things you don’t want to change of you, while providing you with the tools to empower yourself.

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