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Victoria Piling Counselling & Creative Learning

Counselling is a joint venture therefore finding the right therapist is very important.

As a qualified person centred counsellor with an integrative therapeutic approach that allows both the client and counsellor to work together while maintaining the focus on ‘you’ the client.

Seeking counselling will give you that support, allowing you to share issues that are important to you. This is done in a confidential and safe environment with you being listened too empathically, and sensitively, to any issues or concerns which you feel are affecting you in your life. These may be issues from your past, present or the worry of the future, which may be causing you distress such as depression, low self-esteem, lack of Confidence, relationship difficulties, or if you feel like you just simply can’t cope.

I have been in the counselling sector for 7 years and during my time I have experienced a wide range of clients with different issues. I have worked for counselling agencies over the years, in various settings such as Women’s Centre, Children Community Centres and many more. Working with clients who have experienced difficulties with bereavement, sexual, Mental, emotional, domestic abuse, neglect, depression, anxiety, stress, strokes, Work related stress etc., relationship difficulties and couple counselling. Other areas of work include working with Children in schools with, anger management, learning difficulties, nurturing and many more issues.


  • FDA Degree Brief Therapies in Counselling Level 5
  • Transaction Analysis 101
  • Diploma in NLP (Neurology -Linguistic Programming)
  • CBT skills and theory
  • Personal Development
  • Solution Focus
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Research Project: Dyslexia
  • ABC Diploma Theory & Practice In Person Centred Counselling Level 4
  • Meditation and Relaxation
  • Humanistic approaches - PTTLS - Preparing to Teach in a Life Long learning Sector Level 3 - Place2be: Creative Play Therapy
  • EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapist on qualifications
  • Making Endings with Children
  • Children Emotional wellbeing
  • Introduction to Attachment Theory & Practice
  • Working with Metaphor with Children
  • Workshop working with Children
  • Working with Difference & Diversity - ABC Counselling Skills Level 3

ABC Counselling Concepts Level 2 - Continue Professional Development
  • An Introduction Safe Guarding Children
  • NLP Neuro- Linguistic Programming
  • Aspects of Domestic Violence
  • Somatic Movements
  • Relaxation and Visualisation (unconscious mind)
  • Energy Centres (mind body and soul)
  • Working with Dreams in Counselling
  • Vulnerable Adults
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Disability Awareness
  • Introduction to NLP Working with the inner child
  • An introduction to Mindfulness Practice for Counsellors
  • Reiki first & Second Degree
  • Asperger’s Syndrome awareness course
  • Self-harm
  • Domestic Violence
  • Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Course
  • The Babylon mind Psychopaths
  • Family therapy and couple counselling
  • Dyslexia Awareness
  • Team teach Positive Handling with in an holistic framework
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