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Why should I seek counselling?

To take the steps of seeking counselling gives you the support that you need, such as what is important for you?

In life there are always changes happening and this can impact on home, social or even work life situations.

Many people turn to friends and family in times of difficulty, although they tend to hold back, not wanting to 'burden' their friends and family. Whether the issue is suffering in silence with depression, bereavement, anxiety, abuse, dyslexia or anything else, sometimes people find that family and friends can be too close to the situation to talk to. Often well-meaning friends and family want to fix things and make things better and therefore can find it difficult just to listen, leaving the person with a sense of not being heard. There are so many more problems and it is how you deal with these challenges that make the difference to your wellbeing.

This is a place that is confidential and time for you, to explore thinking, feelings, behaviours, and to develop or even accept a way of being that is right for you. The many different aspects of difficult situations in life can reduce motivation to reach your goal. Put this valuable time in for you, to understand a happier way of being because after all ‘you’ Are important.

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